Who am I?

Italian Artist

Silvana Alasia was born in Turin.

Her innate artistic talent led her to range and experiment with wide-ranging techniques, themes and creativity: as soon as she obtained her Artistic Maturity, she painted depictions of Ancient Egypt for several years on papyrus paper, faithfully reproducing in tempera the original ones in the Egyptian Museum in Turin. And it was precisely by acquiring technical mastery and knowledge of this fascinating world that years later led her to become the author of a numerous series of prestigious collections of Ancient Egyptian Tarots (and more) published by the well-known publishing house Lo Scarabeo, which exports all over the world.

She is the author and illustrator of many books especially for children published by well-known publishing houses such as De Agostini, Fabbri Editori, Sai, Franco Panini, E, Elle and many others. For about 30 years she collaborated as a creative advertising designer with important agencies such as: Ferrero and Armando Testa. While working in advertising, she learned digital art and how to create real illustrations, such as characters and mascots.

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The paintings of Silvana Alasia

Parallel to her innumerable artistic activities, which have become work, she always pursues her passion for real art. At a very young age, she began to present herself as a graphic designer and exhibited her first works in solo and group exhibitions, receiving awards and recognition. In the following years she experimented and developed her passion for figurative painting of contemporary realism and collaborated with galleries in various cities in Italy and also abroad. It was only after several years that she became fascinated and enraptured by the watercolour technique where she still immerses herself with passion and creativity in this world of water and colour, spots and lightness.


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